Increase your net profits per acre every year from now on!

A 10 year study on field tiling that was done by serveral universities, has shown field tiling provides a considerable yield increase. Having higher yeilds mean more gain and more $$$, making your return on investment even higher!

There is no guess work. Countour mapping is done by GPS!

Inovations in field tiling have improved over the past 30 years. From digging with a spade and using clay tile to the latest technology of the century. Bickett Farm Tiling is the leader in the field of inovative farm tiling, utilizing two Bron 450 tiling plows and state of the art GPS (Global Positioning Satelite) systems to map all fields. These plows are equipped with on board computers to ensure the proper depth of the tile installed, and while doing so these computers completely map the field being tiled, giving the landowner a complete record of where the tile was installed. This means years later you can look at the map and see tile locations. Plus, all the tile runs are back filled, leaving very little ditch.

No surprises. All work and pricing guaranteed!

1. Your fields need to be tiled.

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