Innovations in field tiling have improved over the past 30 years. From digging with a spade and using clay tile to the latest technology of the century. Bickett Farm Tiling is the leader in the field of innovative farm tiling, utilizing three Bron 550 tiling plows and state of the art GPS (Global Positioning Satellite) systems to map all fields. These plows are equipped with on boards computers to ensure the proper depth of the tile installed, while doing so these computers completely map your field being tiled, giving the landowner a complete record of where the tile was installed. This means years later one can look at the map and see tile locations.

A 10-year study on field tiling has proven considerable increase in yields according to research done by several universities. Higher yields means more grain to harvest and more $$$ making your return on your investment more lucrative.

All equipment is on tracks for added traction and prevention of soil compaction, giving more versatility to installation during periods of inclement weather.

Yield monitors in today’s combines have proven how valuable tile has become in making the farming operation more efficient. Tile has become another valuable tool in the production of almost any row crop and in the production of hay.

 Benefits of Bickett Farm Tiling:


  1. Better soil aeration results from good drainage.
  2. Less chances of destroying soil tilth from working soil that is too wet.
  3. Longer growing season due to early planting.
  4. An increased supply of nitrogen can be obtained from a lower water table.
  5. Certain toxic substances and disease organisms are removed due to better drainage and aeration.
  6. Deeper root development. Roots usually penetrate within 15 inches of the water table.
  7. Increased crop yields and improved crop quality results from favorable soil moisture conditions with good drainage.
  8. Increased value of farm ground. Farm ground that is tiled will hold its value.